Why CAK Homeschool?

The CAK Homeschool umbrella program isn’t just a record keeping facility. Our vision is to bring a sense of community to our program participants. We send out monthly newsletters that feature different homeschooling themes, family interviews, senior student spotlights, and community opportunities. We offer monthly field trips and school wide activities. We also offer a personalized high school graduation experience. We are an umbrella program that strives to bring a sense of school pride to our participants. Above all, our purpose is to support you in your homeschooling venture.

Involvement With CAK

At CAK, the staff and administration are very supportive of our program. CAK Homeschoolers can participate in swim team and lacrosse. Homeschoolers are not allowed to participate in other sports as the school is under TSSAA which has some strict rules regarding school sports.

Beyond sports, middle and high school students are able to take CAK classes at 1/7 of the cost of tuition, and band is an activity that is tuition-free. There are also occasional day school opportunities that are extended to our homeschooling families.


At CAK Homeschool we have a user friendly data system called Applecore that has an electronic interface for easy and convenient use. It allows homeschoolers to submit course titles and curriculum, grades, attendance, and payments digitally.

When you are accepted into CAK Homeschool, you will be given a registration link. Once you submit your contact information and “sign up,” you will be able to use Applecore throughout the year.

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Christian Academy of Knoxville provides a Homeschool program that satisfies the requirements of the State Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International.