9-12 Program.

High School Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is open!.

Program Requirements.

CAK Homeschool accepts 9th through 11th grade students into the program. Registration deadline for each school year is August 1st.

9-12 families are required to submit course titles and curriculum choices in the beginning of the year and then grades and attendance at the end of each semester, or twice a year. Parents/guardians submit this information digitally through our data system Applecore from the convenience of their personal computer.

High school parents/guardians must complete four educational in-service activities that pertain to education and/or parenting. Activities can include reading a book, attending a homeschool support group, attending a homeschool conference, or watching a webinar.

High school students turn in a work sampling portfolio to be reviewed by the guidance counselor each year. This gives the guidance counselor a chance to "celebrate" the students' accomplishments and get to know the student better.

Testing is required for 10th and 11th grade high school students and optional for 9th and 12th. This requirement can be achieved through the PSAT test (9-11th grades at CAK) or through taking the ACT or SAT.

Parents/Guardians need to ensure that student immunization record form PH-4103 (available from your Doctor or Health Department) or immunization exempt form (from CAK) are provided as well as a student birth certificate copy.

Teaching Criteria.

At least one parent must be a professing Christian who is part of a worshiping body of believers.

A church leader reference form must be filled out for application into the program.

The main teaching parent/guardian must not be employed outside the home between normal school hours (the state requires four hours of schooling per day), unless she/he has delegated this responsibility to a designated assignee.

Yearly Tuition.

  • $250 per student per year.
  • In addition, a $40 application fee for new high school students.

Register For Our 9-12 Program.

Christian Academy of Knoxville provides a Homeschool program that satisfies the requirements of the State Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International.