K-8 Program.

Program Requirements.

K-8 families are required to submit course titles and curriculum choices in the beginning of the year and then grades and attendance at the end of the year. Parents/guardians submit this information digitally through our data system Applecore from the convenience of their personal computer.

Testing is required for grades 3, 5, and 7. Testing is used as a resource to measure student progress.

Parents/Guardians need to ensure that student immunization record form PH-4103 (available from your Doctor or Health Department) or immunization exempt form (from CAK) are provided as well as a student birth certificate copy.

Teaching Criteria.

At least one parent must be a professing Christian who is part of a worshiping body of believers.

A church leader reference form must be filled out for application into the program.

The main teaching parent/guardian must not be employed outside the home between normal school hours (the state requires four hours of schooling per day), unless she/he has delegated this responsibility to a designated assignee.

Yearly Tuition.

  • $110 per student, except AFTER August 1st it is $125 per student.
  • For a family of three or more children the fee is $100 per student or $115 after Aug. 1st.
  • Family application fee of $30 for new families or returning transfer families.

Register For Our K-8 Program.

Christian Academy of Knoxville provides a Homeschool program that satisfies the requirements of the State Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International.