Applecore Data System.

At CAK Homeschool we have a user friendly data system with an electronic interface which all of our families use. The system is called Applecore. It allows you to submit grades, course titles and textbooks, attendance, and payments digitally.

In order to learn how to use our system, you can view the tutorials on our website.

When you are accepted into CAK Homeschool, you will be given a registration link. Once you submit your contact information and “sign up,” you will be able to use Applecore throughout the year.

First you will be able to submit student grades. You will have continual access to viewing your student’s grades, and you can make PDF copies of grade reports and print them off if needed. Anytime you input grades, they will be submitted for review and checked check over to make sure that items such as the GPA and credits are entered correctly.

Request Manager is a feature of Applecore that will enable you to submit requests such as drivers permit forms or transcripts. Your requests will be put onto my account dashboard where I will easily see the requests all in one place. You will know when I have completed the request by whether the status says, “pending” or “completed.” This will ensure better reliability and communication when it comes to requests.

For fee and tuition payments, you will be able to pay digitally through PayPal or you can make out a check and send it into the office. This will give you two payment options.


Tyler Parkerson, Applecore Developer, is available to assist you if there are any technical difficulties with the Applecore.


There are a number of tutorials available to help walk you through using Applecore available on this site. You will be given a password to access these materials once you have been admitted to the program.

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