Questions About Homeschooling?

Is it legal to homeschool?

In Tennessee, parents/guardians have the option to educate their children at home, an option known as homeschooling or home education. The Tennessee Home School law (Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-6-3050) states:

"A home school is a school conducted or directed by a parent or parents or a legal guardian or guardians for their own children."
In the state of Tennessee, parents/guardians who wish to homeschool their students have three choices: They can register with the local school district, register with an accredited online school, or register with a church-related "umbrella" school. The advantage of registering with an umbrella school is that individualized homeschooling support will be provided to the family.

Enrolling with CAK Homeschool will help you satisfy the laws concerning alternative education. Still, we cannot guarantee that our participants will not be subject to scrutiny by the courts. It's always recommended that families consider joining legal associations that help home educator. Suggested associations are Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and Smokey Mountain Home Educator Association (SMHEA).

To learn more about the legal aspects of home education go here: in-tn

Why homeschool?

There are many excellent reasons for choosing to teach your children at home.


  • Provides time and flexibility to explore God-given interest and talents.
  • Allows parents/guardians to personally build child’s self-confidence and develop mature social skills.
  • Promotes family unity and constantly builds the all-important relationships with parents/guardians and siblings.
  • Allows you to educate without peer pressure and destructive temptations.
  • Allows you to guide your child at his or her own pace, making sure each step is fully mastered.
  • Allows you to value the spiritual, emotional, and academic growth of your child.

What curriculum can I use when I homeschool?

There are many curriculum options for homeschoolers. The best way to decide what curriculum is best for your students is start with broad questions and then move to smaller questions. Start with, “Do I want a traditional textbook approach, or do I want a more ‘out of the box’ approach?” Once you answer that, you can ask such questions as, “Do I want an online program?” “Do I want live teachers?” “Do I want student-directed curriculum?” Look online to find the types of curriculum you’re seeking. Read reviews from other homeschoolers that give you an inside perspective of the experience of working daily with a curriculum. Finally, ask other homeschoolers you know what they are using. All in all, there is no perfect choice, but through diligent research, you can find teaching tools that will work for you student.

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